Thursday, June 29, 2017

Microsoft updates OneNote on Android with Web Clipper and simplified navigational controls.

OneNote is my go-to app for note-taking on my devices. Thanks to cloud sync, my notes are available to me no matter which device I use and that and the fact that the app is free and full-featured, does not need any second thoughts.  Besides note-taking, I use OneNote mainly for recording my family health records, which proves handy when visiting our doctor. But Microsoft wants OneNote to be more than just a note-taking app. Today’s update is just another proof of that.

Microsoft updated the app today “to simplify navigation controls and enhance usability for users who use assistive technology.” I cannot comment more on this as I’ve not downloaded and installed the update as I’m writing this. But there’s more.

The web version of OneNote lets users save an entire website with OneNote Web Clipper. Microsoft is bringing this feature to Android for users to easily save websites on their Android devices just like on the desktop.

Android users can get the update free in Google Play Store

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