Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chrome Remote Desktop updated with interface improvements and reduced network usage.

With its ever expanding ecosystem, Google had to come up with another layer of connecting all their services and devices and with most people owning at least one phone and a PC, it's natural that Google made Chrome Remote Desktop available so users can connect to any computers they have online.

In order to access your computers from your Android device, you obviously need the free Android app and your PC, which very likely has the Chrome browser installed, only requires a Chrome extension which is available free from the Chrome Web store. With both these elements in place, a secure connection is established to access files on your online computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop received an update today and here's what's new:

  • User interface improvements.
  • Reduced network usage when running in the background.
Download Chrome Remote Desktop free on Google Play Store.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Microsoft updates Remote Desktop for Android with multi-session support for launching RDP files & handler links.

Remotely access files on your Windows PC from an Android device is possible thanks to Microsoft Remote Desktop app. It is free for download in the Play store and Microsoft keeps updating the app quite regularly, listening to users feedback. The latest update, released on May 8, addresses some important issues brought to Microsoft's attention through its feedback channel. 

The update brings the app version to 8.1.12 and includes the following:

  • New: Multi-session support for launching RDP files or RDP protocol handler links.
  • Fixed: Connection issues that caused errors 0x107 and 0x207.
  • Fixed: Connection issues where the certificate dialog kept reappearing.
If you have have not tried Remote Desktop yet, get it free in the Play store and you can connect to your PC and your work from almost anywhere. The description in the store states that Windows Professional and Windows Server edition are supported. However, I recommend you check the Remote Desktop Client on Android FAQ to get a full list of supported Windows versions. The FAQ also provides how-tos as well to get you started.