Friday, March 21, 2014

The All New HTC One launches next week and you're invited.

Next week, March 25th, HTC will unveil the highly anticipated All New HTC One (ANHO), the successor to the HTC One. Unlike any previous launches, HTC is making this one all public. While those who are lucky enough to attend the events in New York and London will be the first to have a hands-on with the device, the rest of us will at least watch as HTC unveils the ANHO and confirms or deny the rumors. Until then, HTC has posted the site where the live streaming will take place with the countdown ticking inexorably towards next Tuesday. Bookmark the link below and mark your calendars.

Watch the All New HTC One launch here.

Google makes Gmail more secure with encrypted HTTPS connection.

Google today announced that it is reinforcing Gmail security in response to events that involved the NSA last year. The post on Google official blog does not mention Snowden and the NSA, but does refer to "last summer's revelations". So what exactly did Google do to make Gmail more secure?

First, it is important to note that Gmail always was secure since its launch with HTTPS implemented and made it the default in 2010 with a switch to turn it off. Today's change means that no eavesdropping is, according to Google, possible on your emails between your device and Google's servers. This protection is even applied when users are connected to public WiFi. And there's more.

Google made it a point to protect user's emails as they move between Google's own servers worldwide. A wise move considering the global uproar caused by Mr. Snowden's revelation last year. We may now rest assured that our emails are safe from prying eyes. Until the NSA finds a way to snoop in again ;-)

Source: Google official blog.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Chromecast app available in over 50 languages.

Over 50 languages is a lot. Google has added that much languages to the Chromecast app for Android. That can only that the Mountain View company is planning the release of it cool Chromecast device in more countries. The addition of languages is obviously part of an update to the app that was published today in the Play Store. Unfortunately, there is no info about the added languages. See the full change log below:

- App available in over 50 languages.
- Improved support for Samsung devices.
- Additional Chromecast settings and bug fixes.

Download: Play Store

Facebook app for Android gets new photo features.

Let it not be said that Facebook is not working hard to bring more features to its mobile app. In an update released today, Facebook added some features for users to manipulate photos in the mobile app; features that would have otherwise required users to switch to the desktop version of the site. As from now on, Facebook users will be able to add photos into comments, delete and edit photo albums, untag themselves in photos and upload multiple photos at a time in groups. 

Users who manage Facebook groups have not been forgotten as they will be able to pin and unpin posts, and review pending and reported posts. 

The update can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Instagram for Android gets major face lift and performance boost.

Instagram, the recently-acquired-by-Facebook popular photo sharing platform, got an important update today. The app design finally does away with the iOS look-alike design and gets modern and more holo like. While the icons alignment do not change, the redesign and font changes make it cleaner, faster and more responsive. The latter improvement is a treat for low end or budget devices. 

The update is up for grab on the Play Store.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easily cast local media to Chromecast with Castaway.

If ChromeCast was my favorite gadget for year 2013, Castaway is, so far, my favorite Android app for the current year. Castaway has been developed to do something simple: Send locally stored pictures and videos on your Android device to your ChromeCast devices. The app is available for download free in Play Store. A premium version is also there if you want to support the developer - the latter is a member of XDA developers. 

I have used Castaway since for a week now and it just works. Connect to your Chromecast, run the app on your device. Castaway will display your locally stored photos and videos. Tap an album or video and select your Chromecast device and your done. Of course, you can use your device to do other stuff while watching the stream.

I strongly recommend Castaway if you already own a ChromeCast or are planing to get one.

Download: Castaway Premium - Castaway Free