Saturday, July 1, 2017

Telegram on Android now supports 10000 members super groups and bot payments.

Telegram, the messaging app for Android, has been updated today. Before this update, the app supported the creation of groups of up to 5000 members, which is a lot. In this update, users will be able to add up to 10000 members in super groups. Isn’t that insane? Not sure you have that amount of friends or maybe you use Telegram for professional reasons, but managing and moderating such a big group is no easy task. That’s why Telegram added granular rights for the super group admins and they will able to temporarily ban misbehaving members among other things.

The update also adds an event log that records all “service actions taken by members and admins in the last 48 hours – with search and filters.” Admins will also be able to search for specific users among groups. 

Telegram added Android Pay support for bot payments if you use this service. Finally, the app will now show photos and videos together when sharing them.

If there’s something for you in this update, get it in Google Play Store.

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