Thursday, June 15, 2017

Emirates app on Android lets you access boarding pass offline and initiate a live chat for assistance.

Emirates Airline app for Android has been updated today with new features that make it easier for travelers to do much of the travel-related chores right on the device and having recently traveled by Emirates, I can say the experience is very good compared to the local airline app. One of the new features make the boarding pass available offline, which is very convenient as it avoids having to enable mobile data in order to access it. A minor thing, but a time saver.

The app will also allow travelers to establish communication with Emirates customer desk should they have any query. Another nice touch which speedier than being put on hold until an agent is available to take your call. To initiate the live chat, simply tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and select "Contact us". Then tap "Talk to us now". On doing so, the app will switch to the Chrome browser and pressing the "Start chat" button will establish communication with an Emirates employee. A quick and easy to get any issue resolved.

If you're a frequent traveler aboard Emirates Airline, make sure you download or update the app in Google Play Store to take advantage of these useful features. Bon voyage. 

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