Sunday, June 25, 2017

Readers can now read left-aligned text (ragged right) in Amazon Kindle on Android.

Amazon just made it easier to read books in Amazon Kindle on Android. In an update published recently, the Kindle app adds the ability to read books using left-aligned text. The default was justified text, that is text aligned on both left and right margin. Most, if not all books are left justified while the right margin is either ragged or justified too. For the latter, this is commonly known as centered text, which can create awkward spaces between words.

The new alignment option is not enabled by default and may not apply to every books in your library of the Kindle store. To enable left alignment, tap the Aa settings at the top of the screen inside books that support Enhanced Typesetting.

It's great that Amazon added this feature and give the choice to readers to enjoy the best reading experience. Personally, I'll stick to the justified layout. I've grown so accustomed to that layout. Download the update in Google Play Store.

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