Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Evernote for Android updated.

Evernote, The leading and multi platform note taking app has been updated last week with features that will make users happy, especially those who like jotting down notes using their own handwriting. The latter does make taking notes faster than typing or swiping the traditional onscreen keyboards on phones and tablets. Evernote is always pushing out updates to improve my favorite note taking app. See the log below for the new additions and improvements, then follow the link to download the update.

What's new:

- Write and sketch inside your notes!
- Keep handwriting, text, photos, and files in the same note
- Choose from several colors and line thicknesses

Editor improvements
- New: Text highlighter
- Better support for notes made on other platforms
- Edit content in tables created on other platforms

Note improvements
- Create a note link to quickly jump between notes
- Duplicate a note

Evernote is available free on Google Play Store.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Facebook Messenger 5.0 makes it easier to send photos and videos (slowly killing Whatsapp in the process?).

This year Facebook spent $19 billion to acquire Whatsapp, a competing messaging app. The reason behind this insane price is still a matter of debate and the one idea that seems to make everyone agree is that Facebook strategy for acquiring Whatsapp was to take it off the market, thus beyond Google's or any other competitor's reach. Google was reportedly also eyeing the messaging platform and made a bid far inferior to Facebook offer. Now Whatsapp is operating as an independent entity within Facebook. The latter has been working hard to improve it's own messaging platform since the acquisition. Today Facebook released version 5.0 of Facebook Messenger.

The new version carries a lot of improvement. It is now easier to send photos and videos within the app. A new row has been added  that makes it a breeze to do such things as adding a sticker, upload photos etc. It is also possible to upload videos and watch them directly within Messenger. One might argue that these features are already present on competing messaging platform and that's true. Even if this upgrade is nothing new, it does make it easier, more user friendly.

I believe Facebook is positioning its messaging platform as a strong contender in countries where Facebook is the number one social network. I personally use Facebook Messenger more than Whatsapp. It is not a matter of I-like-it-more than Whatsapp or other messaging app. The reason is I do not have much choice. There is no arguing with the fact that most of the people I know use Facebook Messenger. So I'm not as active as I used to be on Whatsapp anymore. What about you? Do you think Facebook Messenger is killing off Whatsapp?

Checkout the Facebook Messenger 5.0 change log:
More ways to message: Now it's easier to send photos, voice messages and more
Video: Send videos from your gallery and play them right in the app. (Works on Android 4.3 and up. We'll continue to improve video and bring it to more phones.)
Instant photo sharing: Take a photo and send it in just one tap.
Stickers shortcuts: When someone sends you a sticker, press and hold down on it to get the pack.
Faster search: Just enter the names of people and groups