Friday, July 30, 2010

Mediafly for Android gets updated.

During the week i had an issue with Mediafly. For some reasons, it refused to download videos. But it downloaded podcasts. I reported that to Mediafly support and they were kind enough to follow up on this and even reproduce the problem. After some attempt to resolve the issue, Mediafly has issued an update a few minutes ago. So, if you use Mediafly, go get it on Android Market. If you don't, download Mediafly. It's a great app for downloading and watching videos on your Android phone. It's version 0.60.

Thumbs up to Mediafly support.

Check out MediaFly website here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Google starts rolling out App Inventor.

So, you would like to develop applications or have an idea for one but you do not have any developer skills. Sure enough, you could just start learning how to code. Well not necessarily. You can just use Google's App Inventor, an application that lets anybody build an app for the Android platform. You do NOT have to be a developer to use App Inventor, "you visually design the way the app looks and use blocks to specify the app's behavior." How simple is that.

App Inventor is not readily available for download. Like with any other Google apps, it is currently  in beta and access to download is by invitation only. For my part, I'm gearing up for an onslaught of "Hello World" app.

Watch App Inventor in action:

Monday, July 26, 2010

HTC Desire and Nexus One to get Super LCD screens.

HTC has announced that in order to cope with increasing demand for their phones, they will be fitting the Desire and the Nexus One with Super LCD screens. These devices were previously using AMOLED, but due to shortage of that type of screens, HTC had to resort to an alternative. Enter SLCD which, according to HTC, exerts less pressure on the battery.

Low cost VoIP calls with FriendCaller (Beta).

If you have been looking for a good VoIP client for your Android phone lately, I strongly recommend you try FriendCaller. Currently in beta version, FriendCaller offers very good over-the-internet calls and Instant messaging to anyone around the world. A really cool feature is the ability send a link to someone you want to call without that person having to download and install FriendCaller. The sound quality is very good compared to Skype, which at the time it was still available on Android required the use of a headset for a good listening experience.


  • Works in WiFi zone and over
    3G/UMTS connection!

  • Runs as a background service allowing anyone to reach you anytime

  • Instantly FREE VoIP calls to anybody on the Internet using our patented CallMe-Links

  • Easy import of your Android phone contacts
Learn more here.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nook finds its way to Android Market.

You're an avid reader? Yes. Then you'll be glad to know that Barnes and Noble released Nook for the Android platform for free. With Nook on your device, you have access to million of titles and free eBooks online that you can carry anywhere you go.

Nook for Android also includes the LendMe technology which lets you share your books with friends.

Nook can be downloaded from the Android Market. Unfortunately, it was not there for me to download; same for Amazon's Kindle. Some are more equal than others...
Learn more here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

PhoneWeaver: Profile Manager for Android released.

I have used PhoneWeaver with Windows Phone and it comes in very handy for managing profiles. One of the features I liked most was the ability to mute  my phone when I was in a meeting. No big deal you might say. Actually PhoneWeaver does that for you by looking at your Calendar. Very convenient if you forget to turn off the sound on your device, thus avoiding embarrassing situations during meetings. It's great to see that PhoneWeaver has been ported to the Android platform and offering most of the same capabilities as the Windows Phone version.

"The ultimate profiles manager! Define smart profiles that are activated automatically based on time, agenda, power connection and even location! Each profile can fully control your phone sound settings, notifications, communication and much more! With PhoneWeaver, your phone status adopts to your lifestyle like a real smart phone should!"

PhoneWeaver is available on Android Market for $6.99. Scan the QR code below to download.

PhoneWeaver for Android: Android Market QR Code

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ZXing Barcode scanner updated

The ZXing team has published an update for their QR code scanner. The new features are:

1. Wifi base station in QR code
2. Bulk scanning mode
3. App on SD card for Froyo.

ZXing Barcode Scanner is available free on Android Market.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update: Fring sends explanatory email to users about feud with Skype.

I'm publishing the email I just got from Fring about the issue with skype.

Hello fringsters,

As you may have noticed, Skype has blocked fring. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this Skype policy has unfairly caused you.

As loyal fring users, you deserve an explanation: Last week, following the surge in fring video calling traffic, fring service to Skype was temporarily reduced . Unfortunately, Skype and their legal team demanded not to restore your connectivity to Skype via fring.

Needless to say, we are very disappointed that Skype is now trying to muzzle competition, even at the expense of its own users.

While we regret Skype's decision to block fring, we are committed to continuing to provide you with market-leading innovation, to keep you in touch with your friends, wherever they are.

On fring you can freely use the best mobile over internet communication like video calling, calls and chat anywhere (3G/4G/WiFi) on any advanced Smartphone.

So, if you are frustrated like us with communication barriers, and are just looking for a fun and easy way to stay in touch with your friends on the go, tell them about fring and
invite your friends to join fring here

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to provide you with great mobile innovations.

Let freedom fring!
the fringTEAM.

How come Skype still does not have an application for Android yet? 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Opera Mini 5.1 for Android released.

Announced today, the popular Opera Mini browser is now out of beta and is available free on Android Market or at

Opera Mini 5.1 is, according to Opera's press release, capable of compressing data by up to 90 percent resulting in a significant increase in page loading speed while reducing data costs. Opera says that "webpages such as, a normal mobile web browser will display a BBC News page roughly 1 time, as compared to 9 times with Opera Mini for the same cost." Other than speed, Opera Mini 5.1 has tabbed browsing, password manager, speed dial etc

Watch the video:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are the folks at Skype out of their mind?

I sincerely believe that the folks at Skype have gone out of their mind. Just look at the successive bad moves which resulted in users not able to use Skype anymore on at least two platforms: Windows Phone and Android. Skype for Windows Phone was decommissioned sometime back. Skype issued a statement at that time saying that the app did not offer the best user experience. Imagine Microsoft or Google adopting a similar practice with their software. At the same time, they failed to announce an upgrade. Windows Phone users are still in the dark. Those who already had Skype installed on their devices can still enjoy free internet calls. So, that was the first bad move from Skype.

The latest move involves a conflict with Fring. The latter is installed on my Nexus One and for some reason, Skype is not available anymore through Fring. Since Skype has never really offered an application for Android, there are no alternatives. According to Skype statement, "Fring is breaching our API Terms of Use and End User Agreement". I'm not sure whether to blame Fring or Skype but one thing I know is that Skype, once again, is showing that they do not care about users. As Avi Shechter, Fring's co-Founder and CEO wrote: "We are disappointed that Skype, who once championed the cause of openness, is now attempting to muzzle competition, even to the detriment of its own users".

Thumbs down Skype.