Friday, September 22, 2017

SofaScore for Android now lets you change language in-app, provides heatmap for players and more.

SofaScore, the sports live score app for Android, has been updated to version 5.43.0. Users will now be able to change the language in the app settings independent of the device language. The list of supported languages is quite extensive.

This new version also includes a new feature for soccer fans where they will now get a player heatmap. I am not sure what that is, but if I were to make a guess, it sounds like app users will get a map showing players positioning on the field. The area where they spend more time will be showed in red, yellow or orange. The image below kind of says it all. 

This update adds vROI to the app which SofaScore says is a value which “is now visible on the table (value in orange). This is the actual value by which we sort our predictors.” Does that make sense? vROI is also available in user profile.

The news page has been replaced by SofaScore forum in the navigation drawer. Should you want to access the forum in your browser, go to

The last item in this update provides the “number of titles won by a current title holder and location of the host in tournament details.”

Sports fans can get the update in Google Play Store

Microsoft fixes Yammer crash on devices running Android 8.0 Oreo.

Yammer, Microsoft’s social network for the enterprise, has been updated on Android. The update does not add new features to the app, but includes some fixes that make it compatible with Oreo, the latest iteration of Android. This version of the popular mobile OS is also known as Android 8.0 and was released last month. However, the update is available on Google’s remaining Nexus and current Pixel devices. No other device manufacturers have released the update yet, but some, like Motorola and HTC have already announced the upgrade will be made available for some of their devices without specifying any dates.

That said, Microsoft has published an update for Yammer on Android that will prevent the app from crashing. In other words, Yammer is now Oreo friendly. Microsoft also fixed a crash on Android 5.1 and below version when downloading an attachment.

If you’re a Yammer user, grab the update in Google Play Store.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Telegram 4.3 adds the '@' badge for users to never miss messages in the chat list and more.

Earlier this year, Telegram allowed its users to create groups with up to 10,000 members from 200 initially. Tracking messages in a large group can be quite tedious and irritating. Telegram is adding a new feature today that will let users easily keep track of mentions and replies thanks to a ‘@’ badge in their chat list. The badge will disappear after they’ve read the messages.

This update contains a bunch of other features. Telegram allows users to create and upload stickers into the app and this update will let users who uploaded 5 or more stickers will be able to add individual stickers to their favorites, making them easily accessible at the top of the sticker panel in the ‘star section’.

Telegram is also introducing stickers for groups. “…large groups with 100 members and more can now choose an official sticker set for all the members of the group to see and use while they’re chatting in the group without the need of adding it to their panels.

The ‘Invite Friends’ feature has been revamped. Basically, invitees with contacts in Telegram will appear at the top of your list.

And there’s more:
Twitch videos are now supported in the Telegram in-app player, so you can watch Twitch streams in Picture-in-Picture mode while chatting with your friends.
When on a Telegram voice call, you can now check the signal strength thanks to the new indicator.
On iOS, you can edit any photo you pasted directly to a chat from clipboard before sending.
On Android, when forwarding a message, you can long tap to select multiple recipients.
On Android, when viewing photos in Shared Media, you can go to the place in chat where the photo was posted.
On Android, if you have many new messages in many active chats, synchronization will happen much, much faster.

If you’re a Telegram user, make sure you download version 4.3 in Google Play Store.

Friday, September 1, 2017

View Instagram Stories in mobile web browsers.

Instagram Stories lets you "share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile." Basically, you're sharing multiple photos and videos in a slideshow format and they will disappear after 24 hours. Up until today, Stories were only visible through the Instagram app on mobile devices. Well no more.

According to Instagram, 250 million users use Stories every day. Instagram will, in the coming weeks, make Stories available to users who use Instagram on the web. Stories is indeed coming to mobile web browsers. Another thing. Stories will be available for viewing only in mobile browsers. But Instagram said in a blog post that users will be able to post Stories from mobile web in coming months.

Until then, point your favorite mobile browser to to view Stories when they become available. Otherwise, use Instagram for Android in Google Play Store.

Source: Instagram

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New Skype update for Android lets you change app language and share panoramic photos.

Skype for Android picked up an interesting update today, with Microsoft now letting users switch languages within the app settings. By default, Skype will use the default language that users initially chose for their phone and with this update, they will be able to select from an extensive list of language, independent of the phone’s default language. 

As stated above, users can make the change in the app settings by tapping their avatar at the top, then the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen. Scroll down to language and select one from the list. This feature is nicely implemented as it does not require a restart of the app. Should you want to revert to the default system language, go back to the list and tap the first option, which in English is “Reset to system language”.

This update also let users share panoramic photos with friends via chat or highlights and contains the usual performance and reliability improvements.

Head over to Google Play Store to download this update.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Microsoft OneDrive for Android makes viewing photos faster.

Microsoft OneDrive was updated today. In version 4.15 of the app, the company improved the scan feature. The change log says all scans “will be cropped, cleaned up and polished thanks to the power of Office Lens.” Microsoft also improved performance and that results into viewing of photos faster. 

Get this update to Microsoft OneDrive for Android in Google Play Store.

New Periscope update improves the Super Hearts leaderboard.

Back in June, Periscope launched super hearts that broadcasters can redeem for cash. They will be able to join the Super Broadcasters Program and earn some cash. When users buy Super Hearts, broadcasters will accrue a star balance which they can redeem later. And super hearts are not just any static emojis for users to show their appreciation, they’re rather sparkly, animated hearts.

Today Periscope has been updated and here’s what is in the change log:

Improved the Super Hearts leaderboard to make it easier to see who contributes to your broadcast.
When contributors appear, tap on their avatar to reply.
Producer bug fixes.

Whether you’re a broadcaster or not, get the update in Google Play Store.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Microsoft Office Lens on Android finally supports scanning multiple images.

Microsoft Office Lens is very useful to me. I use it to scan receipts after a doctor's visit among other things and having the app on all major mobile platform is a great plus. However, I have been using Office Lens uniquely on my Windows Mobile and there's is a simple reason to that: The Windows Mobile version offers the ability to scan multiple images and store them in one file. A feature that makes sense, but which was strangely absent from the Android version of the app. Until today.

Responding to a most requested features from users, Microsoft today published an update that adds support for multiple scans on Android. Scanned files can then be saved as a single file in various supported format such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote or a regular image to the local device, your favorite cloud storage service.

This is definitely a welcome addition and one that makes my Windows Mobile device even more irrelevant. 

Grab the update in Google Play Store to finally enjoy scanning multiple images.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Google launched Allo for desktop today and it's not perfect.

Some tech companies just don't get the concept of what a desktop app is and how with the Cloud, apps on mobile, the web, desktop can all work together. At least Facebook's WhatsApp and Google still don't get it. The latter just brought its Allo messaging app to the desktop via the Chrome browser. Don't try with Microsoft Edge, it won't work and Google will invite you to download Chrome - no surprises here. If you've used WhatsApp desktop before, the concept is the same and just head to Allo website and scan the QR code to get started. Otherwise keep reading on.

After you've updated and started Google Allo on your Android device, launch Chrome on your computer and go to The site will display a QR code. Open Allo on your phone and tap the three horizontal bars - also known as hamburger menu - at the top left hand of the app and tap "Allo for web" > Scan QR Code. From there just point your phone to the QR code on your computer screen and Chrome will load all your Allo messages. Put your phone away and start messaging your contacts. A little hiccup though: Your phone must remain online for Allo Desktop to work. Otherwise you get a message in your browser that your phone is unreachable. 

That's it. Google Allo now works on your desktop. It's not perfect and I can't believe it took Google so long to come up with this.

Download Google Allo in the Play Store.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Comment threads are coming to Instagram soon.

Today Instagram announced a new feature that is not yet readily available but will be deployed in the coming weeks on Android and iOS. The new feature is something that should have been into the app since its inception, but no. So today, Instagram has announced that they will soon bring threads to conversations; real threads like the ones that will group together a conversation by slightly increasing the indent to the right. Instagram says comment threads "help you keep track of conversations and make it easy to respond to a specific thread. This update will make your feed an even better place to share interests, get inspired and connect with others.

It's about time.

Instagram made the announcement on the company blog and you can read the full post here. Download Instagram in Google Play Store.