Saturday, June 29, 2019

Official Premier League app for Android updated with 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League season.

Originally created in 1971 by Bernie Donnelly, Fantasy football is a game in which participants assemble an imaginary team of real-life players and score points based on those players' statistics; and this is still a thing 45 years later in a variety of sports. With the Premier League starting in August, the Premier League app now includes the 2919/20 league game. So if you're into Fantasy League, hit that update button in Google Play Store on your device. I can't wait for the Premier League season to begin.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Microsoft Launcher for Android now supports Adaptive Icons; restores hidden dock.

Microsoft has updated its Launcher app for Android today and if you're using it on your device, it's worth a look. This new version introduces adaptive icons. Adaptive icons, as the name suggests, adapt to any shape or size on your device. Almost all launchers available on Android supports this feature making all app icons on your devices look the same, standardized. It's great to see Microsoft follow the trend and make its Launcher app much more pleasant and neat.

Additionally, this update restores the hidden dock. I'm not sure why it was removed in the first place, but it's back and Microsoft lets you hide the dock if you want to and still be able to access your apps and widgets.

Microsoft also made some UX adjustments which the company says will allow users to access "shortcuts when the home screen is locked."

Now, if you don't want to set Microsoft Launcher as your default, this update will still let you get notification badges for calling and messaging apps. However, if you want better accuracy, Microsoft recommends setting Launcher as your default assistant.

Microsoft Launcher is a neat launcher or assistant for your Android device. Sure there are other launchers out there, but Microsoft Launcher stands out for its simplicity. Do check it out if you're not using it yet. It's available free in Google Play Store.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Opera browser for Android now comes with a free VPN built right into it.

I use Opera browser on my Windows Computer and the reason for that being that the browser comes with a VPN built right into it. A VPN allows users to browse the Internet in a secure way and I strongly recommend you use one when connected to a public network. Unfortunately, not all browsers offer this feature. But that changes today thanks to Opera. Users won't need to subscribe to a third party VPN.

Opera had a free dedicated VPN app for Android back in 2016. However, the app was shutdown in 2017. Two years later, Opera is now offering the VPN functionality right into the Opera browser for Android; which, if you ask me, is awesome.

Turning on the VPN is very easy. Simply tap the new VPN icon at the top left corner of the browser and toggle it on. It's as easy as that. As with the dedicated app, The VPN feature remains free to use.

The new VPN feature is available in version 51 of the app. The update is available in some countries to download. But it's not available yet in Mauritius at the time I'm writing this post. Do check out in Google Play Store as the update gets gradually rolling out. Safe browsing to you all.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

SofaScore introduces graph with monthly average player ratings in latest update for Android.

Today SofaScore published an update to its Android app that should make stats geek happy. The app already offers a myriad of built-in tools for users to keep track of their favorite teams and players performance. In today's update, SofaScore introduces graph with average player ratings per month, the ability to switch players with a simple swipe, and more. See the full changelog below for details.
  • Graph with average player ratings per month (in player details). Tap on the graph to change between number of matches and average rating.
  • Swipe left or right to change the player in pop-up (from lineups and box-score).
  • Dropdown menu for easier selecting statistics in "top players" and "top teams".
  • "Matches" tab in Manager page.
  •  "Media" tab in Motorsports.
The update is available for download in Google Play Store.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Formula 1 app for Android updated with new leadership board for 2019 season.

We're a week away from the beginning of the 2019 seasons and the official Formula 1 app for Android has been updated based on fan feedback. At least, that's what the app "What's New" says.

The app has been redesigned with an optimized live leadership board. With that, users will be able to see more drivers data. I haven't seen what this change brings yet as I haven't downloaded the update yet. And I'm not even sure it will show more driver data. But I'll keep you posted next week after the new season begins.

This update will also allow fans to track driver data with a split screen of the live leaderboard data. Just select a driver and the app will display the driver's data in the other half of the screen. A much welcome addition.

That's all about it for now, but I expect to see another update before the Melbourne GP. The app has yet to be updated for the year 2019 calendar. So expect another update during next week.
In the meantime, download the Formula 1 app update in Google Play Store.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

SofaScore for Android now provide links to similar tournaments and detailed Baseball match statistics.

You're a sports fan and away from a TV set while your favorite sport is live on TV, SofaScore is the app you need on your Android device to follow the games and should the name be any indication, SofaScore will bring live scores to your device as well as short videos of the actions. Since SofaScore covers pretty much of any sports, I strongly recommend you download it.

The app was updated today with the following new features:
  • In tournament details, we have added links to similar tournaments (other league groups or tournaments on the same division level).
  • Match statistics in Baseball are now divided to batting, pitching and fielding.
Check out SofaScore in Google Play Store.

SoloLearn, the free learn to code app, now supports App shortcuts.

Learning to code takes time and a lot of practice but that shouldn't deter you from trying. It's similar to learning any spoken language - the more practice you have, the better. And I believe any kid and adult today should learn to code. If you're asking yourself where to start, I have an easy answer for you. Android has a lot of learning apps in the store and there's two that I can recommend and SoloLearn is one of them.

SoloLearn gives you a wide choice for you to pick from as a beginner. You can easily pick among various coding languages such as C++, C#, Java, SQL, HTML5 etc. With SoloLearn on your device,  you can learn wherever you are and compare your progress with other members of the community and exchange ideas them, making the learning experience fun and engaging.

Whether you're a kid or not and want to start coding, SoloLearn is your starting point. The app will track your progress and even deliver a certificate at the end of the course that you can print out and add to your CV.

In the latest update, the app adds support for App shortcuts. Users will be able to create shortcuts to their courses, actions, and more. This update also includes the usual bug fixes and improvements. Download it in Google Play Store and start learning.

F1 TV Pro now available in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, and Portugal.

We're a month away from the 2019 F1 season and the Android app has been updated today. Fans of the sport in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, and Portugal will be able to watch the races on their devices by purchasing an F1 TV Pro subscription. The ability to watch live races on Android phones and tablets was released last year in a few countries. It's great to see the offer being extended to more countries.

This update also allows users to stream live races on the F1 TV app. Previously, this was only possible on the F1 app. If you live in one of the above-mentioned countries, download the Formula 1 app in Google Play Store.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

New Microsoft Launcher Beta update introduces daily rewards cards and more.

Today Microsoft has released another update for Microsoft Launcher beta on Android. For users who installed the beta version, Microsoft added a daily deal card that allows users to earn rewards for using Microsoft Launcher and "completing other tasks."

This beta version of Microsoft Launcher also introduces the following features:
  • Non-full screen folders for easier one-handed use and large-screen devices.
  • Long-press shortcuts enabled on icons even when the home screen is locked.
  • Customers can send a CPU profile through "Contact Us" in Settings in case of performance issues.
  • Launcher font size will now respect the system font size.

These features are currently available in the beta version of Microsoft Launcher. Anyone can join as a beta tester by signing in on the app's page in Google Play. If you'd rather wait, it should not take long for the features to reach the release version of the app.

Beta testers can download the update on Google Play.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Google wants you to share calendar files via SMS.

Google, or someone at Google, thinks that Android users want to share calendar events via SMS. Yes via SMS. What a great useless idea. I never share calendar events and I doubt I'd do it via SMS, which I consider as obsolete in the age of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other cross-platform messaging apps.

Similar to Apple, Google believes you need that feature. You just don't know it yet. Now you have the ability to share calendar events via SMS with friends.

The update is rolling out now in Google Play Store. You have no choice but to download the update and move on.