Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Google Calculator updated with text editing and new icon.

Today Google has updated the Calculator app on devices running Android Marshmallow or above. Owners of these devices will be able to edit the formula. 

After upgrading the Calculator app, users will see the cursor blinking in the text box, a visual indication that the text box is now editable. The cursor can be dragged around or a double tap on part of the formula will have it selected. A long press also will achieve the same result. Highlighting a formula will bring up a context menu with the option to cut, copy, paste, select all and MS (Memory Store).

Google added another small visual change to an existing feature. The Calculator has a drawer to the right side of the app. Slide the drawer to reveal more math operators. In this update, Google added a little arrow as yet another visual indicator.

Previous icon
New icon

Finally, the app icon has changed with the equal sign less prominent. Get the update in Google Play Store.

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