Monday, September 29, 2014

Waze for Android introduces Waze Places.

Version 3.9 of Waze was published today and it introduces a new feature called Places. The largest community-based traffic and navigation app now gets even more social with the ability to make information about local places available for everyone. Members of the community can now share such info as the availability of parking lot or drive-thru. The addition of photos is also supported to add more details to the place being shared. 

Who hasn't ever been in the situation of not remembering where the car was parked? That changes with Waze which will automatically save the location where you parked your car. And there's more. Waze will even learn where to find parking and how much time to account. 

The update also includes the usual bug fixes and the search auto complete is now a worldwide feature. Waze is a multiple platform app available on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Google has recently announced that they are stopping development of the app for Windows Phone.

Waze is available free in Google Play store.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

TuneIn Radio updated with multiple bug fixes and improvements.

TuneIn Radio has around 50 million downloads in the Play store, so if you do not have it in your app list then head over to the store now as TuneIn Radio brings the world's largest collection of radio stations to your Android device, that's over 100,000 stations from around the world . Note that the app is multi-platform, therefore available on Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows etc. and also has a social touch in that you can share what you're listening with your followers.

TuneIn Radio has been updated with bugs fixes and improvements as listed below:
  • Fixes a bug with Intel devices.
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements across the app to improve user experience.
  • Improvements to social push notifications. See what friends are saying when they echo content.
  • We are removing the explore feature from the menu and integrating that functionality elsewhere in the app.
TuneIn Radio is available free in Google Play Store.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Official F1 App updated with race-by-race purchase of premium features and more.

You will very likely have this app installed on your Android device if you're a big fan of Formula 1, especially now that the competition excitement is at its peak with Hamilton having finally claimed the lead last week over team mate Nico Rosberg in Singapore.
The Official F1 app for Android is a definite source that brings exclusive content such as team radio transmissions, DRS usage indicator, live tyre information and more. Besides live data, you also have access to before and after race stories and session commentary from
To make the experience even more exciting, the app has been updated today with the following features:
  • Event Store update to allow you to purchase Premium features race-by-race.
  • App translated to Russian and Japanese.
  • New permissions that allow 'at event' notifications for those attending a race.
The Official F1 App is available free for download in Google Play and includes in-app purchase.

See you in Japan.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Google Maps Navigation Beta available for most of Africa and Mauritius.

It's been a while since my last post. I had an exciting time working on and completing some projects that I cannot write about here. Now that those are behind me, I'm glad to be back and share with you the readers some great news about Android. The latest is about a new offering from Google.

Yesterday, Google announced the availability of their Navigation service in many African countries including Mauritius. The service is still in beta and offers turn-by-turn navigation. Google is not the first to offer similar service in Mauritius, the first being Waze, a community based traffic and navigation app, which has since been acquired by Google. I spent a few minutes with the app today and I recommend you treat it as a beta. However, for visitors, if you plan on using it, be careful as I found that some directions were inaccurate. I hope Google fixes that with the loads of information gathered by Waze.

How do I get Navigation Beta?
There is no app to download. Google Maps app is already installed on your Android phone. Activate your data connection and launch Maps and accept the use-with-caution note and you are good to go. It is that simple. Bear in mind though that Google Maps Navigation is a beta and all precautions should be taken while driving.

Source: Google