Friday, June 9, 2017

TuneIn introduces offline listening of audio-books for premium users.

Not everyone has unlimited data on their devices, so it is nice to see developers consider this important aspect of life when making apps for our devices. Today TuneIn, the online radio and music app for Android has been updated to allow premium users to download audio-books for offline listening. A download button is now available in the audio-book profile for users to download their favorite audio-books for listening on the go. Since audio-books are large files, the device must be connected to Wi-Fi to download. Remember, this new feature is available to premium users of TuneIn only. 

Version 18.0 of TuneIn also fixes an issue for a crash on Android TV; a fix for a crash on device rotation on Home; a fix for a bug that was occurring on deep links.

TuneIn brings over 100, 000 stations to your device for your listening pleasure. That's quite a large selection of sports, news, music and talks. Check out TuneIn in Google Play Store.

The free version of TuneIn can be downloaded here.

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