Friday, December 18, 2015

Google adds templates to its productivity suite: Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.


Google has finally made templates available for its productivity apps. Google Docs, Slides and Sheets now let you start your creations using built-in templates that are accessible by tapping the "New" button. For Docs and Sheets, you get to select diverse templates including themes like Resumes, Letters, Education and Work. Simply choose the template you need and you're presented with one with the layout, picture placement, paragraphs, proper headings, fonts already set for you. Remove the template text - which by the way is not Latin and does not mean anything at all, so your translator is not broken - and get started adding your own text.

Check out the updates in the Play store:

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Microsoft Translator updated, lets you have natural conversations in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish with smart watch support.

Have you ever dreamed of holding a conversation in a foreign language without speaking a single word of that language? Nothing new here you might say and you are right. This feature exists in Skype for example, but only works during Skype calls. Microsoft Translator bring this to another level in that you have it in your pocket or smart watch ready at any time to break the language barrier.

Microsoft Translator has been updated to allow for natural conversations in Chinese, both Traditional and Simplified, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Microsoft announced in the change log that more languages will be added. As I said above, having natural conversations is also handled by a smart watch, giving each participant a device to use, making it even easier to hold a conversation without having to pass your device around.

I can assume that Microsoft Translator is also a kind of language learning tool as all conversations history are tagged by location and can be reviewed later in the participating language.

I don't have a Android Wear watch yet - It's on the way, but while the change log does say Microsoft Translator supports "smart watch", nowhere is Android Wear mentioned, nor does the app page in the store has the small watch icon to indicate that it works with Google's watch platform. However, Apple watch is mentioned in the feature list. 

Microsoft Translator is free to download in Google Play store.

Microsoft updates Skype for Business for Android with simplified dashboard and more.

Formerly Lync 2013, Skype for Business for Android has been updated today to version This update brings some new features and improvements that should appeal to Android pro users.

See the full change log below:

  • Intuitive and familiar Skype UI: simplified dashboard and enhanced In-Call and In-Meeting experiences.
  • Full-screen video and larger buttons for meeting controls.
  • Search your contacts by name, email or phone number.
  • Support for Active Directory Authentication Library based multi-factor authentication.
  • Bug fixes.
Do you use Skype for Business? Download the update in the Play store.

CNN for Android lets you save and share stories directly from the breaking news alert.

Today, the CNN app for Android picked up an update that improves on the notifications experience making it possible to save and share your stories directly from the breaking news alerts. This new feature is also supported on smart watches too, should you be in a situation where you can't pull out your phone to read the breaking news, save it for later from your wrist. 

This update also brings support for full hyperlink in articles, though I'm not sure what that is. CNN also included some maintenance update and bug fixes, "just in time for the holidays".

Download the CNN app from the Play store.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pushbullet now lets you send group messages from your Windows computer and Android tablet.

Pushbullet made it easy to send text messages from our Windows computer and Android tablets. Today, the amazing team behind Pushbullet published another update that brings group texting support to the app. Users of Windows and android on tablets will thus be able to reply to groups on their devices without reaching out to their phones. All that is needed to start using this new feature is to download this update in the link at the end of this post. 

Group texting is supported in Chrome via the extension, the Windows desktop app and the Android app. The update will be available soon for Safari, Firefox and Opera extensions. Sending group text will be without limits until January 1st. Pass that date, the same individual text message limit will apply to free users of Pushbullet.

Last week, Pushbullet added Remote Files which lets users browse and request files from their other devices. This feature has been improved based on users' feedback requesting the ability to switch drives. Pushbullet is making this possible with this update. 

Whether you're a free or paid user of Pushbullet, download the update from Google Play and enjoy sending group text from your Windows computer and Android tablet and browse to any other drives than the default C:\.

Microsoft reduces install size of its Office products on Android by 40% & makes them compliant with Android for Work.

Microsoft has updated its Office suite of products for Android today and made it compliant with Android in the enterprise. This update is inline with Satya Nadella's vision to bring Microsoft technologies across all platforms. The products affected by this update are Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Microsoft's most popular productivity apps. Microsoft has also made these apps lighter by reducing the app install size by 40% and making it possible for users to download their favorite fonts off the cloud. Isn't that awesome? Check out the change log below for all three Microsoft products:

Microsoft Word:
• Reduced app size:40-percent reduction in app size so the Word app is lighter and faster to install.
• Compliance in the enterprise: Word complies with Android for Work and supports Android M for Enterprise.
• Sign-in simplification: Selecting your sign-in details is easier than ever before.
• Cloud font support: Download your favorite font from the cloud so you can write with the fonts you like.

• Reduced app size: 40-percent reduction in app size so the Excel app is lighter and faster to install.
• Improved file compatibility: Now you can open files with Read-only recommended and Formula view.
• Compliance in the enterprise: Excel complies with Android for Work and supports Android M for Enterprise.
• Sign-in simplification: Selecting your sign-in details is easier than ever before.
• Cloud font support: Download your favorite font from cloud so you can write with the fonts you like.

• Presenter view (Office 365 subscription required): Present like a professional! Check speaker notes on your phone/tablet, but control what the audience sees when you project to a large screen
• Compliance in the enterprise: PowerPoint complies with Android for Work and supports Android M for Enterprise
• Sign-in simplification: Selecting your sign-in details is easier than ever before
• Cloud font support: Download your favorite font from the cloud so you can write with the fonts you like.

All three products update are available for download free in Google Play store for end and enterprise users.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Flipboard to lure new users via sharing to Facebook Messenger.

Flipboard just made it easier to share articles to Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS. According to them, "readers love sharing articles to Facebook Messenger" and it was possible to do that before this update, but Flipboard decided to enhance the experience between Flipboard itself and Facebook Messenger.

The current version of the popular flipping news reader does let you share articles to Facebook Messenger, but your friend only receives a link. This update improves on that by bringing some visuals to it and lure non Flipboard users to download and use the app. 

Once you share an article and your friend opens it in Messenger, they will be taken straight to the article in Flipboard. If Flipboard is not installed, they will be prompted to download it and then share the article. A great way to attract new customers. Flipboard also says that "opening an article from Messenger also unlocks a small new share icon in Flipboard to make it easier to continue the conversation with your friend and quickly share stories back."

Now you can proceed to Google Play Store to update Flipboard on your device and help them get more users by sharing your articles.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pushbullet lets you browse files on any Android or Windows device anywhere.

Pushbullet got a big update today that brings remote file sharing to the popular app. Remote file sharing lets users grab files on any Android device or Windows devices or vice-versa. So it works both ways as long as both devices are online. According to a blog post, Pushbullet states that "Remote Files requires a native app to work. Right now it's supported in the latest versions of our Android and Windows desktop apps."

Remote Files is disabled by default on Android and Windows. Follow the steps below to enable Remote Files:
  • Slide out the app drawer.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Enable Remote File Access.
  • Open Pushbullet Settings.
  • Check Remote Files Access.
Remember, Pushbullet started their pro offering since the beginning of the month. The company announced that Remote Files will be available to both free and Pro Pushbullet users with the exception of a limit on the number of files per month.

If the updates notifications haven't appeared on your devices yet, you can download them on Pushbullet site.