Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Circle gets updated with LinkedIn support and bug fixes.

Circle is described by its developers as the local social network. No it's not yet another social network but simply an app that uses your location to let you see your Facebook friends who happen to be in your neighborhood and interact with them and, eventually, meet up for a beer. A cool app to use in your city or when visiting another one. 

Check out the change log:

-- Ability to log-in with LinkedIn!
-- Many bug fixes
-- New visuals on many screens
-- Faster and better way of getting your location

Source: Google Play Store.

Friday, April 19, 2013

LinkedIn gets a UI refresh.

LinkedIn app for Android is the tool you need to stay on top of business relationships on your
device. The app got an update yesterday with a new design that makes it easier to navigate and use the app.

What's' New:
• New beautiful and simpler design
• Now you can invite, follow, like, share and comment on content right from the updates stream
• New personalized and customizable navigation for quicker access to your favorite features on LinkedIn
• Ability to follow Influencers to get access to original insights and content

Download from Google Play Store.

Chrome Beta fixes flicker and frequent crashes.

The latest iteration of Chrome Beta for Android does not contain new features but bug fixes only. If you do know what Chrome Beta is yet, it is a version of Chrome for Android that lets you preview and test new features before they get released to the current version of Chrome for Android. It also provides a channel for users to provide feedback and  for filing a bug.

Here's the list of the latest fixes to Chrome Beta:

  • 226691: Graphical corruption and blank tabs in tab switcher mode 
  • 222805: Most Visited section thumbnails are misaligned in landscape mode for RTL languages
  • 228883: Search is still performed via Google when re-submitting omnibox query after switching search engine
  • Flicker while opening new tabs
  • Fixes for some frequently occurring crashes
  • chrome://history sometimes show duplicate items
Known Issues:
  • Opening tabs is sometimes slow
  • Pages may flicker sometimes, especially during navigation 
  • Typed character gets deleted sometimes on password fields
Note that Chrome Beta can be installed alongside Chrome for Android.

Download Chrome Beta in Google Play Store.

Pocket adds "Send to Friend" in latest update.

Pocket is "read it later" app. You find an interesting article on the web but cannot read it, Pocket will save it for you so you can read later at your leisure. It works even without an internet connection. A year already since the app exists and to celebrate the developers have added a slew of features that makes the app a must have. Still not convinced? Consider that one: Articles or websites you send to Pocket are synchronized to your tablet and computer for access anytime. Pretty neat.

Check out the full list of added features:
- Send to Friend makes it even easier to share content with friends
- Receive shared items directly in Pocket
- Completely new share menu that highlights your recent apps and friends
- Instant Sync now works with multiple devices
- Auto fullscreen in Article and Web View
- Bug fixes and improvements

Download here.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Microsoft upgrades Hotmail app for Android to Outlook dot com with modern UI instead of Holo.

I think it's the first time that I used the modern UI appellation instead of Metro in a post. The update for the Hotmail app does bring a host of much needed features to the app. Besides the introduction of the modern UI on Android platform instead of the Holo UI, the key features include:

  • Get emails right away with push notifications
  • Sync with your device Calendar and Contacts
  • View and sync standard and custom folders, including subfolders
  • Group your email conversations with Conversation Threading
  • Send, receive, and view photos and other attachments
  • Easy to use search functionality
  • Use with multiple Outlook.com accounts
All contents and rules are automatically moved to the new Inbox and you can keep using the Hotmail account alongside the Outlook.com one.

Download the update on Google Play Store.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Facebook app gets new permissions for Facebook Home.

Finally it's Friday and the Play store has a couple of updates for us. If my memory serves me well, it's today that Facebook will push out it's Home launcher to supported Android devices. And my Galaxy Nexus is not on the official list of supported devices. I'm pretty sure the wizards of the Android community will make it available to the unsupported devices that the majority of us own . After all, I was able to use Facebook Home on my Galaxy Nexus for a short while after a leaked version appeared on the web and before Facebook pulled the plug. No matter what, I'm not looking forward to the release of Facebook Home. It's not an exciting technology and is not even a match for Microsoft People hub.

As the title, Facebook app got an update that seems to prepare for the imminent release of Facebook Home on supported devices. The change log list only two items: the usual bug fixes and "new permissions for Facebook Home". Facebook Messenger also gets updated with the ability to keep chatting while using other apps.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chrome Beta for Android lets you experience full-screen browsing.

In its latest update for Chrome beta, Google added the ability to browse web pages in full-screen. It doesn't require any fiddling in the settings to enable this feature. Simply visit a web page and start scrolling for the toolbar to disappear. This nice update is currently only available for Chrome Beta and I assume will find its way to the Chrome for Android in about a month. 

The update also includes other useful features. Search has been simplified so that queries remain visible in the omnibox to make it easy to edit. Client-side certificate is now supported. This comes in handy when visiting websites that require certificates. Chrome will let you select installed certificates. A nifty feature ported from the desktop for tablets is that you can access and view history by a long press of the Back button.

Check out the post on Chrome Releases blog for more details about the updates, fixes and known issues.

Download: Google Play Store

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Google Search, Google+, Chrome & Twitter updated. Chrome gets password sync & autofill.

Updates, updates and updates. 

This is just a quick post about updates for the above-mentioned apps. Check out the change logs below before heading to the Play Store. The Chrome update is my preferred one. 

What's new in this version of Chrome for Android:

  1. Password and autofill sysnc: Access saved desktop passwords and autofill entries from your Android device.
  2. Fix for blank page loads in some scenarios.
  3. Several stability improvements.
  1. Set bigger cover photos, with a better aspect ratio.
  2. Support for strikethrough formatting
  3. Additional bug fixes and performance improvements.
  1. Real time package tracking from select carriers
  2. Quick feedback and settings on cards.
  3. Faster Google search results.
  1. Brand new look and feel crafted for Android 4.0+. Navigate seamlessly between your favorite parts of Twitter with a simple swipe.
  2. It's easier to connect with friends and join conversations with @username and #hashtag suggestions that appear as you search or compose a Tweet.
  3. Discover, install and launch your favorite apps from Tweets.
  4. Other bug fixes and performance.