Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flash Player 10.1 is ready for "future OS updates".

With the Android community all excited with the not-yet-officially-announced release of Android 2.3, Adobe posted an update for Flash Player to Market during the night. What's interesting here is the description as it starts with an all caps ATTENTION.

"ATTENTION: Please install the current Flash Player (ver. to ensure that the runtime loads properly with future OS updates. By clicking "Install"..."

For sure, Adobe is ready for Android 2.3.

Angry Birds updated.

The update increases the number of levels up to 195. Wow, that's a lot and I doubt I'll ever go through them all as I haven't even finished the first release. Not that it's difficult or not fun, it's about the time I'm willing to devote to those cute Angry birds.

Besides the increase in the number of levels, Angry birds now supports QVGA devices running Android, obviously.

"We have fixed a number of issues that a lot of people experienced with Angry Birds on Android, including the lank screen issue on Android 1.6 devices, and the white textures appearing on certain devices."

Version 1.4.2 is available for download on Android Market and GetJar.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Facebook and Twitter gets updated.

A couple of updates have appeared for my Nexus One on Android Market today, among which are Facebook and Twitter. For the latter, the updates bring speed, a cleaner timeline, tweet details and Pull to refresh.
Facebook app for Android seems to bring some more features.

1. Groups: It is now possible to share posts with just a small group of friends.
2. Places: Share where you are with friends, see where friends are and discover nearby places.
3. Improved Notifications: View comments and updates within the app.

The forth item is the usual "various bug fixes".