Saturday, July 18, 2015

Withings announces first swim detection trackers, photo/video challenge.

I live on an island and I do not swim. I'm dead afraid of water, salted or not. Now with that aside, Withings today announced in a blog post that their Activité and Activité Pop "are the first activity trackers on the market to offer automatic swim detection." The trackers are water resistant to 50 meters in a pool or the ocean and will automatically detect your movements as you take the plunge. 

Like any regular workout, Activité and Activité Pop will record the calories burnt and total time of your workout. However, like other workouts, I'd expect Withings' trackers to also track distance which in my opinion is more important than time. My Microsoft Band is capable of that when I'm cycling and running. Surely Withings will include distance tracking in a future update. It's in their best interest for sales to go up and wider adoption of their products.

To celebrate this announcement, Withings has decided to challenge you with surprise prizes to win in the end. There will be more than one winner and all it takes to participate is to jump into the water with your Activité and send them your photos or videos with the #SwimWithings hashtag on Instagram or Twitter. The winners will be announced on July 27.

Head over to Withings web site to enter the competition if you own a Activité tracker.

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