Friday, July 24, 2015

Avast Security & Antivirus makes it easier to login to Google+ and gets new Wi-Fi Finder.

I use Avast on my Android devices as protection against viruses and malwares. While there is an ongoing debate about the necessity of such apps, I can say that we saw some freaking news recently about apps doing illegal things in the background. I'd rather be on the safe side than be sorry. Avast mobile Security and Antivirus protects 230 million people globally. I don't know if this number covers Android devices only, Avast being available for PCs also. 

Another great feature Avast offers is anti-theft which lets users control their Android devices remotely via a browser, locate a phone on a map, basic features like locking the device, activate siren, or wipe memory to protect data. And my favorite feature is the notification sent when the SIM card is changed. I recovered a phone this way and the thief spent some time in jail.

Avast also contains in-app purchases that adds unlimited app locking, Ad detector, Password check, Geo-fencing, Remote SMS, Remote Data recovery, Remote identification, backup features. These additional features can be bought for $1.99 monthly or $14.99 yearly.

Avast has been updated to version 4.0 with the following changes:

  • Login easily with Google+.
  • Added new Wi-Fi Finder explorer feature.
  • Significantly reduced battery usage.
  • More fixes and optimizations
Download: Google Play store

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