Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Microsoft updates Outlook app for Android with individual email browsing and integrated UserVoice.

Many call it the new Microsoft since Satya Nadella took over the company about  year ago and it surely is doing things differently with Microsoft apps flooding the Google Play store. Among the first apps to land in Google land was obviously the Outlook email client. The latter picked up an update today.

Part of the new Microsoft is their openness. Not only with making apps for competing platforms, they are seriously listening to users' feedbacks. We saw that with the very first technical preview of Microsoft's Windows 10 OS, due for release at the end of July. They extended the experience to other products as well namely Office and Windows Mobile.

Back to today's update. Microsoft received several requests from users wanting to be able to browse email as individual messages instead of conversations. Now users can do just that by turning off the "Organize mail by thread" in the app settings.

Microsoft also bundled a UserVoice right into Outlook for users to easily send their feedbacks and suggestions to the team over at Microsoft. Finally the update also includes some improvements to mail and calendar sync and notifications.

Microsoft Outlook pp for Android is available free in Google Play store.

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