Sunday, July 12, 2015

Send directions from PC to Android with Google Maps update.

Asking for directions to passers-by is something of the past thanks to Google Maps or apps like Waze. With these apps getting better and better at what they do, planning an outing is such a breeze. Remember those animated discussions about which route is the best? Google Maps helped us start the day with zen. However, there was just one irritating omission in Google Maps. While it was great at offering the directions on Google Maps desktop, the app was not good at sharing the directions with our phones. That also is now something of the past. 

Google has updated Maps with a new feature that will let users send places they search for on Google Maps desktop to their mobile devices. A zen way to start your journey. 

Download the update from the Play store. I have updated the app but have yet to see the "send to device" link to appear in Google Maps desktop. It may be that this feature is not available yet in my region. 

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