Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pocket Casts developer starts eating healthier amid app fixes & improved performance.

The developer behind my favorite podcatcher, Pocket Casts, has posted an update today and, as usual, the changelog is hilarious. Check it for yourself below:

There comes a time in every apps life, where it has to look itself in the mirror, and make the changes needed to become the app it knows it can be. That time for Pocket Casts, is today.
  • Vastly improved performance of the Discover section.
  • Fixed audio effects causing an episode to be cut off before it was fini.
  • Started eating healthier.
  • Fixed not being able to download an episode while Chromecasting.
  • Switched to using honey based moisturizer.
  • Fixed many other small issues and annoyances.
Pocket Casts is now at version 5.1.5 and can be purchased in Google Play Store at $3.99.

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