Thursday, January 30, 2014

Android Device Manager gets password protected.

Our Android devices are priceless not because of their purchase price, it's more about the content stored on them: contacts, emails, bank details, resumes etc. For that reason it is of paramount importance that we take appropriate and necessary steps to protect our data in case our phones are lost or stolen and none is immune to that and there's nothing scarier than having our personal data in the hands of strangers. Enter Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager is an app that lets you locate lost devices on the web and lock, erase or even make them ring remotely. A must have app if you own a Android device. Once installed, a network connection is required to locate your other Android device, provided the latter is connected to the internet. The app had a security flaw until today's update. It was open and easily accessible by a thief  or anyone who picks up your phone and thus could wipe your other devices.

Google has added a security layer to the app that requires a password when opening the app or switching between accounts. This feature is enabled by default after updating the app and can be disabled on the login screen by checking "Never ask me again" after or before entering your Google account password. To re-enable it, tap "Require Sign in" in the settings of Device Manager.

The Android Device Manager update also include the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

Source: Google Play

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