Sunday, January 19, 2014

Instagram launches Instagram Direct to privately send photo, videos and text messages.

Instagram Direct was announced in mid-December last year and has finally found its way to my Android devices a month later. Indeed the update showed up in Google Play today on both my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 (2013). So, what is Instagram Direct? 

With the growing popularity and competition from apps such as SnapChat and WhatsApp, the introduction of private sharing was the next logical step for Instagram, even if these competing apps are no threat yet to Instagram; or maybe they are. The Direct feature introduces a new way to send photos, messages and videos directly to one or up to 15 followers directly. 

How that works? Simple. Once you're done editing your masterpiece and instead of using the same steps to post, tap Direct and choose the people you want to send the picture to. It's as simple as that. No you just cannot instantiate a chat session with your followers. To set Direct in motion it all starts with a photo and you will see the avatar of your online friends light up.

Now check the updates on your Android device and start privately sharing your photos, videos while chatting with your followers. If the update hasn't appeared on your phone/tablet yet, go to Google Play directly to get it.

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