Saturday, January 4, 2014

Facebook for Android lets you search for hashtags; updates Home.

It's the beginning of a new year and I'm fortunate that Santa brought me a Nexus 7, my very first Android tablet. I must say I'm loving it so far. The screen is absolutely gorgeous and playing Asphalt 8 on it is amazing; especially when compared to the experience on my old Galaxy Nexus. What did you get for Christmas? That said, let's get to the subject of this post.

Facebook has updated their Android app today with the ability to search for hashtags within your timeline and newsfeed. You can also tap them to keep tabs on what other people are saying about a topic. A feature that, well, is not really new if you use more than one social network. Which is pretty much the case for almost anyone these days. But it's good to see Facebook play catchup.

This update also includes new permissions and I recommend you check them out by visiting Facebook help center:

Remember Facebook Home? Yeah that piece of launcher that Facebook launched last year to bring your social life front and center on your mobile phone. Besides myself experimenting with it, I have yet to see someone using it. Just to say that Home has not been a success. Facebook is not ready to admit defeat and included some new features for Home in the update.

If you use Home, here's what's new:
- Swipe down to unlock
- View the time, weather and notifications on your lock screen
- Swipe to browse photos and posts on your lock screen
- Pick from new photo categories to customize your wallpaper
The update is available for download on Google Play Store.

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