Friday, January 24, 2014

Google+: One search box to find them all.

Google social network  is getting popular each day. Even if it is lagging behind Facebook, Google is determinded to keep the pressure on Zuckerburg's baby. The thing is, I'm not sure the world needs and wants another social network. No matter if Google catches up with Facebook, it seems that people are just not excited anymore with social networks.

Google's Google+ has been updated today. The Maountain View social network made it's search box capable of handling searches for posts, people, photos etc. Another feature allows users to "explore specific topics from the What’s Hot stream". I don't know what this feature does or if it was even builtin into Google+.

What's New
- A single search box for posts, people, photos, and communities
- Explore specific topics from the What’s Hot stream
- Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

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