Monday, February 17, 2014

Skype WiFi finally lets you sign in with your Microsoft account.

Before this update, Skype WiFi did not support signing in with a Microsoft account. Unlike Skype itself which got this feature almost immediately after the company got acquired by Microsoft. I found this annoying since I switched to using my Microsoft account with Skype and after some time of use, I forgot what my Skype account ID and password was. So I couldn't get into Skype WiFi last year during a trip to Europe. You can imagine the frustration. All this will change now that Skype has added support for Microsoft accounts to Skype WiFi.

What is Skype WiFi? It's a free software that works with Android and iOS that lets you connect to Skype WiFi enabled hotspot around the world and use your Skype credit to call your loved ones. Skype has over 1 million hotspot.

Reduce your data roaming costs when you’re abroad: 
• Use Skype WiFi to connect to WiFi hotspots at hotels, airports, train stations, bars and restaurants – available at over 1 million hotspots worldwide. 
• Just one tap to connect – then browse the internet, check email, use Skype, check Facebook, update Twitter, upload photos, download music or ebooks. 
• Only pay for the time you’re connected - there are no limits on the amount of data you can upload or download.

Download Skype WiFi free in Google Play Store.

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