Thursday, March 24, 2016

Google adds support for more file formats in Google Sheets and Slides for Android.

No doubt Google is hard at work adding features to its productivity suite. A new update is available for Google Sheets and Slides Android apps after last week's update that brought expiration dates to shared documents.

In Sheets, users will be able to send a copy or save a spreadsheet as an HTML web page and this can be done right from the Share & Export menu. The saved files are provided in a .zip folder. Google also made it possible to save a sheet as Comma Separated Values (.CSV) and Tab Separated Values (.TSV). Google Sheets will also let you view Google Drawings in your spreadsheets, except that those drawings won't be visible if you happen to have frozen rows and columns on your sheets.

Google Slides only got one useful update which let users "send a copy  of or download the slide you're currently viewing as a .JPEG, .PNG, or .SVG file from the Share & export menu."

Both Google Sheets and Google Slides are available free on Google Play.

Source: Google

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