Saturday, March 19, 2016

Brave Browser update hides bubble on scroll down, and makes bubbles smaller.

Previously known as Link Bubble, Brave Browser uses a floating bubble when you click on a link. The webpage loads in the background inside that floating bubble while you keep using your current app uninterrupted. If you haven't heard of Brave Browser before, I strongly recommend you give it a try by clicking the download link at the end of this post. And the app is regularly updated with new features and improvements and the latest version has quite a few:
IMPROVEMENT: Hide bubbles on scroll down and show on scroll up.
•IMPROVEMENT: Made bubbles smaller.
•BUG FIX: Fixed back button behaviour.
•BUG FIX: Made URL bar's autosuggestion less aggresive.
•BUG FIX: Fixed crashes.
•NEW: Added rsbrowser/rbrowser, lightning to fallback browser list.

Download: Google Play

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