Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Brave Browser (formerly Link Bubble) gets 3rd party cookie control and bug fixes.

You very likely use Facebook Messenger on your Android device, therefore you're familiar with the chat heads that float around your screen while you're busy with other apps. These chat heads let you quickly read and reply to messages no matter where you are on your phone. This feature is not limited to Facebook Messenger though. Microsoft also has implemented a similar functionality in OneNote and Bing Search. And since 2014, there's a web browser too.

Previously known as Link Bubble, Brave Browser also uses a similar floating bubble when you click on a link, should you choose to read an article later and continue browsing. The webpage loads in the background inside that floating bubble while you keep using your current app uninterrupted. If you haven't heard of Brave Browser before, I strongly recommend you give it a try by clicking the download link at the end of this post.

Brave Browser received a new feature that adds a new setting within the app to control third party cookie blocking. By default this feature is enabled. Alongside this, the app got a slew of bug fixes:

  • Fix loading articles on
  • Fix loading indicator and theme colors not getting reset when the URL changes within a bubble.
  • URL input view now respects theme preferences.
  • Fix crashes in native libraries. 
Brave Browser is a free browser that supports ad blocking  ans is free for download in Google Play Store.

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