Saturday, March 19, 2016

Customize your Home and Work addresses in Google Maps with stickers.

Who has never dreamed of owning and living on board a pirate ship, a castle, a Clark Kent-like farm house? While your dream might not ever materiliazed, Google will help with the addition of a bunch of colorful stickers in Google Maps to represent your home and work. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the stickers for anything else, like using a pizza sticker for your favorite pizza restaurant or even having Maps automatically applying a sticker based on the places you visit. Now, if the app does that that, we'll end up with Maps buried under a sticker layer.

Google also added a new tab to Maps for taxi hailing services for users to compare pickup times and prices of the various taxi service companies before you make your choice.

Check out the full change log below before heading to Google Play store to update Google Maps.

• New dedicated ride services tab. Compare pickup times and prices of Uber, 99Taxis, Ola Cabs, Hailo, MyTaxi and Gett.
• Give your home and work a personalized look with new customized icons.
• See how much you’ve walked or how far you’ve driven in your timeline

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