Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shifty Jelly adds social touch to podcast app for Android and warns of relationship breakups.

With more than a 100 thousand downloads on Android alone, the next logical step for Shifty Jelly, the developer of Pocket Casts, was to bring all these podcasts consumers together to share their favorite shows through the app. And that is exactly what Shifty Jelly has done in today's update. 

They brought a social touch to Pocket Casts to help users discover what people they know are listening. All that is needed is to navigate to the Discover section and tap on Nearby and have your friends do the same. It is as simple as that. This time again, the folks at Shifty Jelly added their unique sense of humor to the change log in the form of a friendly warning that reads: "may cause relationship breakups".

The update also has some fixes:

  • Animation issues with the play/pause button in the mini player.
  • You can now download an episode that is streaming from the episode overflow menu.
  • Fixed issue with grid and missing artwork.
  • Download issues.
Download the update version 5.2 in Google Play Store.

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