Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chrome Beta gets Customs Tabs, updated Bookmarks & media playback controls.

Many developers nowadays choose to provide early glimpse of their work by making a beta version of their software available for early adopters to test and give feedback. Microsoft has recently done just that through their Windows Insider program during the Windows 10 development. I personally think it is a very good approach to learn what users really want into apps. Google does that too with its Chrome browser. A beta version is available in Google Play Store for early adopters and it got updated today. Chrome Beta 45 for Android includes the following:

  • Chrome Customs Tabs
  • Updated media playback controls
  • Updated Bookmarks interface
  • Better logging for feedback reports
  • Barrels of bug fixes and performance improvements.
All these new features will find their way in the official Chrome browser in a matter of weeks, so much for those out there who prefer a bug free experience. If however, you are of the geek type, download the beta version in Google Play Store.

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