Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pushbullet for Android receives bug fixes and other improvements.

A new app called Vysor was leaked this week that lets users easily control their Android devices from their computers and this seems to be a trend lately. It is a kind of paradox, given that all indicators show that people spend more time on their phones or tablets than the good old PCs and yet we see more tools like Vysor and Pushbullet that make you use your PC to interact with your phone. Go figure.

Pushbullet was updated yesterday to version 16.6 with mostly fixes and improvements. See the full change log below:
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't copy links or share pushes.
  • Added explanation and way to turn off persistent notification.
  • Better setup experience for new users.
  • Fix for those not receiving notifications for pushes.
  • Disa Fix
  • Updated translations.
Head over to Google Play Store to download and update Pushbullet for Android.

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