Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Assign ringtones to contacts and forward photos in new Skype 5.10 for Android.

Skype picked up an update today that will let users assign a ringtone to contact, similar to contacts on a phone, Skype users will also be able to identify the caller if they happen to be away from their Android device. Assigning a ringtone to a contact is quite straight forward. Tap the lower right in a conversation and select "Ringtone options" then "Set custom ringtone" and browse your phone ringtone repertoire. And there is more.

Skype has made it very easy to share photos with friends and family who are not in the conversation. Say you shared a photo with your Skype friend during a conversation. You then say to yourself that it's a photo worth sharing with someone else not in the conversation. A simple tap and hold will bring up a contextual menu from which you will be able to forward your photo without ending your conversation or having to wait for the latter to end.

Finally, this update which also includes the usual fixes and improvements, includes the ability to change the color of "avatars for group chats so you can easily tell one conversation from another".

Head into the Google Play Store to download Skype 5.10 for Android.

Source: Skype

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