Monday, July 3, 2017

Launcher 10 brings Windows Mobile live tiles to Android and it looks great.

Android is the most customizable mobile OS on this planet and you’ve probably read that several times and as such the Google Play Store offers a wide choice of launchers for you to use if you do not like your device’s default one. I currently use Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher, which is to me the smartest launcher available on Android as it learns from my daily usage and habits to push up the apps I use most to the top for quick and easy access. This post, however, is about another launcher that Windows Mobile fans will very likely appreciate for its similarity to Windows Mobile live tile screen. Actually, it brings the Windows Live tile experience to Android.

It’s name is Launcher 10 and is available free in the store with in-app purchases. This launcher brings Windows live tiles to Android making it look like a Windows Mobile device. The live tiles will show notification for the calendar, contacts, clock etc. Tile badges will show number of missed calls, unread messages etc. And like Windows, swiping from the right will reveal the all apps list, while pinned apps can be resized. Additionally, users can choose the tiles color, transparency, tap and hold to reposition them, and unlike Windows Mobile, Launcher 10 supports landscape mode. The tiles will rearrange perfectly to fit as you rotate your device. 

If you are a previous Windows Mobile user or fan or would just like to experience live tiles on your Android device, Launcher 10 is definitely worth a look. To help you make up your mind, check out the change log for the latest update:

1. Most widgets should now fill the full size of the tile if you have turned off the tile background behind widgets option.

2. Tile labels and live tile text should now scale to fit the tiles. Now if you change the number of tile columns, the text will scale to ensure a consistent look.

3. Added a preference for tile label text size so you can customize the size of the tile labels.

4. Added a preference for app list size to allow for custom sizing of the all apps list (text and icons).

Launcher 10 can be downloaded in Google Play Store.

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