Saturday, July 15, 2017

WhatsApp adds support for sending documents of any type and text formatting in latest update

If you are not in the WhatsApp beta program, you should check the latest update that was published to the store earlier today. As a member of the beta program, I have been using these new features for a while now and it is great to see WhatsApp finally bringing them to the masses. And if you want to be among the first to try these new features, I strongly advise you join the beta program. You can do that in the apps page in Google Play Store. Let’s see what’s new in this update.

WhatsApp will now let you send files of any type as attachment by tapping the attach icon within the app. Prior to this update, and if I’m not mistaken, WhatsApp only supported PDF files. With this update, WhatsApp supports any file type you have stored on your device.

WhatsApp also improved the camera feature in that users will be able to swipe up to see all their photos and videos on the device. A quick and easy way to attach these files to a message with less navigation.

Since WhatsApp is all about messaging that involves mainly text, users will be able to format text to make them bold, strikethrough or italicize. To do this, users must tap and hold to select a word or more and select whichever format they want from the contextual menu.

Finally, WhatsApp made some design improvements for voice and video calls. 

Make sure to update WhatsApp on your device to enjoy these new features. It is a free update in Google Play Store.

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