Friday, October 28, 2016

Pocket Casts for Android now supports split-screen and icon shortcuts on Android Nougat.

My favorite podcast app for Android was updated today, adding support for Android Nougat split-screen and icon shortcuts. Owners of Nougat powered devices will be able to run it alongside other apps. Unfortunately, Pocket Casts still does not support split-screen on Samsung devices running Marshmallow and that is a bummer, considering Samsung is the market leader of the Android world. So if you have Nougat on your device, and that is currently limited to Nexus and Pixel devices, you're in luck. I don't really use the feature on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so I'm not missing anything.

This update also allow users to share their list of podcasts with other people. The change log states that you want to "pick out Rusty's Top 5 Rowing podcasts, or Jenny's Top 12 Jogging ones and share that with the world, you can now!". The last new added feature lets you use audio effects when streaming. This update also contains some Chromecast and playback fixes.

Download Pocket Casts in Google Play Store to enjoy your favorite podcasts.

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