Saturday, October 15, 2016

Google Clock update lets you set alarm and timers from your Home screen.

Google Clock for Android is a very simplistic app presented by Google as a "beautiful alarm clock for Android". Sure they haven't tried and used Timely, which in my opinion, is the most beautiful app of its kind. If you haven't tried Timely or simply never heard of it, get it in the store for free. You will love the beautiful UI and the smart rise feature. 

Google acquired Timely two years ago and I was thrilled thinking Google was going to use it to beautify its own apps or, at the very least, its own Clock app. While Timely is still available in the store, I can't remember when it was last updated nor has Google built stuff based on the beautiful design.

In today's update Google lets users use shortcuts to set an alarm  or start a timer right from the Home screen. The timers and stopwatches will also "keep running" after you restart your device.

Download Google Clock in the Play Store.

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