Saturday, October 22, 2016

Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android lets you choose your favorite search engine.

Seriously folks, if you haven't tried Microsoft Arrow Launcher yet, you are missing what probably is the best launcher around. This thing knows me better than I do. Arrow is not just a launcher. It brings your digital world within your fingers reach and constantly tracks your habits and adjusts to it. So your apps, friends, messages are there where you want them to be so you do not have to open apps to start a conversation. Again, try Arrow Launcher for at least a week and see it get better and get ready to just love it.

Microsoft is always updating the app and the latest one does add new features and improvements. The first one adds choice for your favorite search engine. Bing was the de facto search engine and with this update, Microsoft lets you choose your favorite search engine. 

Users of the launcher have enjoyed the ability to access our conversations through the Recent page without firstly launching the messaging app. Microsoft has improved this feature by adding support for more messaging apps without mentioning which ones.

Arrow Launcher also received some performance optimization making it "faster" and bug fixes for the badge notification count.

Again, give Arrow Launcher a shot. It is free for download in Google Play Store.

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