Saturday, October 22, 2016

Evernote for Android updated with note statistics and camera auto-focus improvements.

I have been slowly gravitating away from Evernote and that move started before they implemented their new terms of service that only allows for the app to run on two devices and you have to go premium to enjoy Evernote across all your devices. I believe this move won't help Evernote gain more adoption when users can and have been migrating to Google Keep for its simplicity or Microsoft OneNote for its robustness. I use the latter on all my devices and have been happy ever since. With that said, let's see what Evernote has for its users in its new update.

Evernote was updated two days ago and it took its time to show on my Samsung. It's finally here with a new feature that gives users count statistics on their notes for words, character, line and paragraph. This is the only new feature.

The team also made some improvements to the camera auto-focus and squashed some bugs. 

Download Evernote for Android in Google Play Store.

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