Monday, November 30, 2015

Viber lets you delete messages you never meant to send.

I'm a long time WhatsApp user, even before it was acquired by Facebook and it has become my default messaging app, followed closely by Facebook Messenger, traditional SMS and Skype. That's right, Viber is not in the list despite having a huge install base on Android, I know very few who use it.  But with 500 million users, Viber is very popular, not just around me.

Viber published an update today that brings a list of nice features that fans will love and make users of other platforms look over with envy. The first new feature is the ability to delete sent messages. Microsoft Outlook lets users recall sent messages and now Viber lets users delete messages sent during a 1-1 or group conversation. Messages can also be deleted on the senders phone only or for everyone.

This update also includes file sharing. Sending one file or multiple ones is now a common thing and Viber added this feature so users can attach files to 1-on-1 conversations, groups and public chats. The company said most popular file types are supported and a there's a limit 200MB on the file size Viber will let you send through.

Download Viber in Google Play store for free.


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