Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pushbullet: Share multiple files & reply to Kik and Skype notifications on your computer.

It's only last week that Pushbullet pushed out an important update that made it play well with Android 6.0, along with some nice additions that made the app take advantage of Android features like Direct Share. Fast forward to today and Play Store notified me of another update, and this one is awesome.

While Pushbullet is excellent at sharing files between my devices, it also has its limitations. Fortunately, the brilliant guys behind this brilliant app still find ways to improve users' experience. One of those limitations is the fact that Pushbullet was only able to share single file, but that was yesterday.  Today's update let's users share multiple files provided they don't exceed the default 25MB per file. This is just amazing and there's more.

Besides file sharing, Pushbullet is also capable of handling message notifications and replies. Before this update, Pushbullet handled the following messaging platform only: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Line, Telegram, GroupMe, BBM, and Viber. Today, Pushbullet added support for Kik and Skype, giving us users the ability to reply to messages from these platforms right in Pushbullet. 

This update contains even  more features. Just head over to Google Play Store to download the update. You may want to check out the blog post on Pushbullet for details.

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