Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Opera Mini for Android gets new icon, Facebook profile pic in notification.

Opera Mini is the champ for saving data when surfing your favorite news site and it does that while minimizing the impact on performance and quality and giving a fast and full web experience. These features come in very handy when you are on a slow connection or limited data plan. In its latest version, Opera Mini got a new icon. It kept the familiar red circle and added the word 'mini' in green to differentiate from its bigger brother.

If you prefer using Facebook via the browser rather than the app, Opera has improved upon the notifications by including profile pictures. An addition that makes it visually easier to identify who's interacting with you on Facebook.

Opera also improved the downloading experience by moving the download complete notification to the bottom of the screen for easy access and allow users to open the file directly. The browser will also remember your preference in the 'Wait-fo-WiFi' dialog box. Finally, this update makes the context menu "look more like other Android apps."

Download Opera Mini web browser free in Google Play Store.

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