Friday, November 6, 2015

Air France updates its Android app to make it compatible with OnePlus Oxygen OS.

Air France has updated its app to make it compatible with Oxygen OS and at this point you should be wondering what Oxygen OS is. If you know, you can only be a geek or just following the Android world very closely. Oxygen OS is a variant of Android. Variant may not be the appropriate word to describe it. In other words, it is a fork of Android 5 Lollipop made for the OnePlus One phone. The latter phone was initially running Cyanogen, but the two split up and OnePlus had no choice but to come up with an Android version of its own. 

Of course, the OS comes with features if its own. For example, you can draw on the screen to launch apps or you can toggle between software and hardware navigation buttons. I assume Air France has updated their app to take advantage of these features in Oxygen OS. Let us know how the app works if you own a OnePlus One.

The change log also invites you to "discover the virtual Flying Blue card in the new app! You can now easily access your card whenever you need it." Finally the update brings along the usual bug fixes and performance improvement.

If you're a customer of Air France, head over to Google Play Store to update the app.

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