Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Instagram on Android to get offline mode soon.

Instagram will be launching a new feature soon that will allow its users to access their content without an internet connection. Currently, Instagram requires an active data connection to work properly. Without one, the app is just useless. That will change soon as Instagram is set to introduce offline mode for its Android app.

Users will be able to view previously downloaded content in their feeds, leave comments, unfollow people and like friends' post. Instagram will sync any offline activity back to its servers once the user connects to the Internet again. 

Surely such a feature should attract more users in developing countries where data connection can be unreliable in some areas or help users with limited data to access Instagram at any time. Instagram did not announce a release date, but according to a Techcrunch report, "more will come in the following months."

Source: techcrunch

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