Friday, February 10, 2017

Waze for Android now supports Google Smart Lock for faster login.

Waze has been updated today with support for Google Smart Lock, a feature that lets you sign back into the app without having to remember your Waze login details. I use Google Smart Lock for some of the apps on my phones; I call them the lesser-apps, meaning I do not care if a hacker cracks my password as I do not share sensitive data about myself with these apps and their developer. While Smart Lock is very useful when switching phones or after a factory reset, I prefer to keep sensitive passwords in my head. Just to be clear, I do not use any password manager app on any of my devices.  So what is Google Smart Lock?

Google Smart Lock is an app that will store your passwords on Google's secure servers. Say you have to reinstall Waze on your device, you won't have to remember your password, Google Smart Lock will handle that for you and restore your data.

This update also includes a new way to see if you have new messages and Waze friends online. Those will show up in the "Waze menu navigation list."

Check out the full changelog below and head over to Google Play Store to download or upgrade Waze.

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