Friday, February 24, 2017

Google Play Developer Console now gives information about apps install base.

Google Play Developer Console is an app made for Android developers to get statistics about their apps install, uninstall and crash data. The app also provides detailed data about devices that have your apps installed. All in all, Google Play Developer Console is a very useful app for devs in their strategy to get their app on more devices. Today,  Google has updated the app with the "Devices" tab giving more information about the app's install base. Interestingly, I see that my Mauritius Holidays app has only one install on Android Nougat 7.1. While my app is certainly not a must-have app, that piece of statistic also means that Nougat has a long way to go before being the most popular Android version on current devices and for that to happen, manufacturers have to provide the update. Looking at you Samsung, my Galaxy Edge 7 still isn't on Nougat yet. 

If you're a developer, check out Google Play Developer Console in Google Play Store.

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