Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Opera browser supports Facebook and Google sign in for syncing bookmarks, tabs and history.

Modern browsers allow users to sync their data to the cloud and easily restore them after reinstalling the browser. For that to work, Opera required users to create a Opera account in the settings of the browser. In the update published today, Opera no longer requires a Opera account to take advantage of that feature. Users will be able to sign in with their Facebook or Google account to sync their bookmarks, tabs and history. Opera states that "Facebook and Google is only used for authentication and simplifying the sign in process. No actual sync data is shared with the social accounts."  If that is not clear enough, say you're accessing your Gmail inbox within Opera, you will still be required to enter your Google password.

Support for Facebook and Google sign in is more widespread than a Opera account and that also means one less password for users to remember.

Check out Opera Browser for free in Google Play Store.

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