Saturday, January 28, 2017

Google Docs and Sheets now support image cropping & adjustment, Headers and Footers.

Google has updated its productivity apps for Android today, namely Docs and Sheets with some useful features. If you're a big user of these apps, you will welcome these features. Google announced the update in a blog post and the new features apply to both Docs and Sheets running on Android phones and tablets.

First in the list is the introduction of headers and footers. From now on, users will be able to insert and edit headers and footers. The steps to do this is quite straight forward. First, users must turn on "Print Layout" and tap the header or footer, then type the text they want. Adding page numbers is also supported. Follow the full set of instructions in this link to add header, footer and page numbers to your docs.

The biggest new feature in this update is the ability to resize, move and rotate images. In addition, users will be to change their text wrapping and border styles. Google has a very detailed tutorial on their site.

Finally, Docs will also let you drag and drop text in Docs.

Grab Google Docs and Sheets in Google Play Store.

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