Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Google announces three useful Google+ new features.

Google+, Google's social network will receive an update next week, four days after Donald Trump's inauguration. This update brings with it some useful features and shows that Google is still serious about Google+ despite failing to attract users the same way its competitors do - Facebook has over 1 billion users while Google+ has about 100 million only, a bunch of zeroes less. Let's see what's in that update:

Hiding low-quality comments - Finally users will be able to have some control on comments on posts, which Google says will let users "focus on the comments that matter most." Users can still click "View more comments" to see them all.

Showing you more of what matters - Google+ has been redesigned to fit more information on the screen and less white space. Google also added zoom functionality to Google+ web.

Bringing back events - The last feature is for Google+ web only which will see the the coming back of Events. Beginning January 24, Google+ web will support the creation and joining of events.  

Will these updates make you use Google+ more?

Source: Google's blog

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