Thursday, May 19, 2016

SofaScore for Android updated with countdown to Euro and Copa America 2016.

Version 5.21 of SofaScore for Android is out in the store for fans eagerly awaiting two major competitions, namely Copa America and Euro 2016. I will be watching the latter closely, being a supporter of the German national team and I obviously firmly believe they will win this competition quite easily given their strong performance during the last world cup - ask Brazil. 

So, as I was saying, Sofascore is offering through this update a countdown to these two soccer competitions. You will be able to follow the competition and receive notifications onn your phone and watch. Besides the countdown, the apps also offers some news to keep you waiting until June 10 for Euro and June 4 for Copa America. The app also added manager profiles along with their performance statistics, complete team history and tactical formation.

Without further due, go into Google Play Store and download SofaScore for Android.

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